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You're Invited! (Wedding Edition)

Wedding planning is such a fun, stressful, crazy time. And the stress comes from the fact that you have 10,000 decisions to make.

But if I had one tip to help calm some nerves, I would say 'go with your gut'.

When I found my dress, although I am the most indecisive person ever.... I immediately KNEW that was what I wanted to wear on my day.

When I was picking my wedding colors, I saw a saw a photo on Pinterest of bright, cheery colors & KNEW that was the vibe I wanted.

When I was picking my invites..... that was honestly a bit of a doozy.. Why?

Because I thought if I DIY'd them that I could save money & make them just as cute... (insert buzzer) WRONG.

I honestly ended up paying just as much if not more at my local copy shop, spent entirely too much time designing them & 2nd guessing myself AND they ended up being on a not-so-impressive quality paper.

They were cute, but I would 100% recommend just scrolling through a company, see what catches your eye & order something that is beautiful + well made + still uniquely your style!

So this got me on the search for a website that has it all essentially to take some stress of ya'll + they have a discount code (woot woot) which makes tackling this to-do task even more appealing!

The company that has totally impressed me is called Basic Invite.

Within minutes I already had started playing with some designs!

I was in between 2 that if I went back in time, I would totally have used them for my wedding invites. So I customized a couple to show just how perfect they can be!

The first one is called Stylized Sunbursts!!

It would have been SO perfect for my 'Dolly Parton goes Hunting' vibe wedding... it's a little classy + has GOLD FOIL AND SHIMMER PAPER for the Dolly vibe!

Why did I never think of gold foil & shimmer paper? SO FUN!

The second style that would have been an even more unique choice that I have never seen in a wedding invite is the Framed Wreath Clear!

It's got a Clear Background + you can still add Foil in Gold, Silver or Rose Gold + it's memorable!

The simplicity, but appeal makes this such a fun option!!

So why choose Basic Invites over other companies? I've got ya some

good reasons!

  1. You get 15% OFF right now with the code 15FF51 - Weddings are expensive enough... find those coupon codes & use 'em!

  2. You get FREE ENVELOPES with your order! Holy moly, that was something I thought would be cheap too & they aren't. Getting an envelope to match the size of your invite + stickers to seal them adds up, so FREE Envelopes + the Coupon Code will make a good dent in making these affordable!

  3. There are over 180 Color Options!! So whether you're going rustic, modern, whimsical etc. you can totally match your invites with your wedding colors!

  4. You get a Sample of Your Design! So before you commit, you can see + feel the invite to know if you love it or not! When you're overwhelmed with decision making, at least knowing you for sure love your invites helps give you a little peace!

  5. They have a thing called Address Capturing! This is cool!! They provide you a link that you can text or post on social media, so whoever you invite will be able to provide their address... then Basic Invites will print them on your envelopes! WHAT A TIME SAVER!! Not having to gather address, type them up & get your at-home printer spacing just right... I love this!

  6. You can get Save The Dates + Direction Cards + Response Cards + Wedding Program + Place Cards etc. that all MATCH YOUR INVITES! So you can stay cohesive & looking like you have it all together ;)

  7. Just for going on the website, you can download a FREE PRINTABLE PLANNER! These things can cost a lot, so getting a cute modern one for $Free.99... so cool!

Other than Wedding Invites, Basic Invite of course has Business Cards (like the super cute MUA one below!), Birthday Party Invites & so much more. But for the moment I really wanted to share this company in case any brides out there need a burden off their shoulder, they have a cool resource like Basic Invite!

Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter for some design inspo!

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