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Wedding Makeup!

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

I'm getting married this October & so of course I'm in all these 'Brides of 2023' groups... partially for info & partially because the drama is like watching a reality tv show ;)

Anyways... So many women are posting looking for the best makeup products to hold up against the big day, with all the tears, time & sweat!

So, if that's you, then here is a handy little list of bomb makeup products that I've personally used on brides & will be including in my own day :)

1) Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray!

- I talked about it in a previous post but this is worth revisiting! My tip is to put on all your liquid/cream makeup (foundation, contour stick, concealer etc)... spray your face... finish your makeup... then spray again! It'll last through sweat, rain or happy tears!

2) Kiss MLBB Lashes!

- I've tried all kinds of lashes but these just keep winning! They have a clear strip, look great & bend to your eye shape well. Don't forget to bend them a little, trim to fit & let the glue get tacky (30-40 sec.) before you apply them!

3) Clinique Even Better Foundation

- This foundation photographs well, gives great, flawless coverage & it has worked amazingly on all skin types!

4) Scott Barnes Lip Fettish Matte

- Scott Barnes is Jennifer Lopez's makeup artist so of course his line is going to be bomb! Well, this Lip Fettish gloss that goes on smooth & dries matte STAYS ALL DAY! It's the only red lipstick I'll wear. You can eat, kiss, drink etc and it won't budge for hours! Sadly, it's sold out as of now but I'll put the link here in case it comes back in stock :)

5) Too Faced Born This Way Concealer

- Now my favorite for the longest time was Tarte's Shape Tape, but recently this took it's place. It has great coverage, lays on the skin well & can really brighten up your under eye if you get the right shade!

6) Laura Mercier Setting Powder in Translucent

- On an everyday makeup routine I'd be fine with Coty's Airspun powder that unfortunatley smells like your grandmas perfume... BUT for a wedding day, I would 100% recommend to splurge on this powder that lasts. I've had mine for months & still have plenty left. But what's great about this powder is it smooths you face so beautifully, looks great in photos & stays well on the skin!

7) Lancome Monster Big Volumizing Mascara (Waterproof)

- I always used Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara & it held up well but the one probelm is it sucked to get off. So I branched out and found this gem! Definitley get the waterproof one for a wedding :) With this mascara is stays on (even when I cry from laughing) & the brush is bomb and separates the lashes perfectly!

8) Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Effortless Bronzer Stick

- I put this on after my primer, foundation & concealer. This stick is so smooth & doesn't dry too quick so it's easy to blend and work into your skin with a damp sponge! My main tip is make sure you get the right shade that'll work best for your wedding day skin color in case you get a spray tan or something :)

Alrighty, there are my "FOR SURE having these handy on my wedding day!!" makeup products!!

Definitely message me if you need more ideas but just don't stress. With this list you will look like you know what you're doing because everything is easy to work with and will stay on!

If you're a bride as well, congrats to you & yours!!

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