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Wedding Decor for the Savvy Bride

Weddings can get pricey... and if you're newly engaged it can cause a slight heart murmur when you see the prices... but have no fear I can help lessen the stress with a few affordable + quality wedding ideas that'll look way more expensive than they are!

Holy heck... these are in the number one spot for a reason. Finding extra long tulle tablecloths WITH PEARLS for only $3.57 was a heck of a find!

And surprisingly, the quality is actually pretty great! We had lots of compliments about how cute they were & when I went to sell my wedding decor, I skipped selling these because they are too versatile & pretty to get ride of!

If you're having a Barn or Church wedding and don't need super formal napkins, I would use Amazon Prime & get these little beauties! For only $13.99 you get 100 napkins that have gold foil writing + they're a great quality! We had so many napkins left over, so DO NOT waste your money on custom napkins with your dogs face or your names on them ;)

You know those cute little farmhouse/country style cheesecloth napkins with the ruggged edges? You can either pay $44.99 for 60 napkins.... OR make them yourself and pay $12.99 for 60. All you have to do is get some fabric dye, dye the cheesecloth in your sink, cut the napkins & fold them.

It's a project that could be done in 2 evenings and save you over so much $$$

If you buy these pieces separately, get ready to pay at least $80... or buy this set (which is the exact one we used) & only pay $36.99 for a Shirt + Pants + Bowtie + Suspenders!

It's ONE day & all you need is the Ring Bearer to look sharp & then have fun, which he's a little boy... him having fun will most likely involve him getting his dress clothes dirty. So don't throw too much of your budget on this :)

Amazon & Shein for the win!

After seeing that flower girl dresses could be over $100, I checked out Amazon & found these! They're dainty, have super cute tulle skirts for the girls to spin around in & the lace matched my wedding dress and style perfectly!

Then for the flower girl baskets, I found these on Shein!! I added little flowers (basically making a boutonniere style arrangement), attached them & there ya go! Nobody would have known that I only paid $4.30 for these!

#6 Get a Foam Wedding Cake

Brides, this is a genius route! Would you ever believe that I only paid $100 for this cake??

The key, is that the bottom layer is foam! So the top layer is real so that we can freeze it for our 1 yr Anniversary & then there is a slim slice of cake that was real so we could do our cake cutting for photos.

We served cookies & Italian ice so we didn't need a lot of cake on hand. If you DO want cake, getting sheet cake to serve your guests is a much cheaper option, so I would recommend a foam cake any day!

We got the 50's Cake Topper from eBay

#7 Shop on Facebook Marketplace

Be sure to look on Facebook Marketplace. This is probably obvious, but check Marketplace our & then join wedding destash groups OR just wedding groups in general (there are some groups that are state specific). When you come across something you need, ask the group- ladies who are already married will jump on the opportunity to sell decor that's just setting in their house! I got this sign for maybe $25 & now I can sell it for that again to give another bride a great deal!

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