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Turning a Page

If you don't know, my mom & I own Jennessee Jayne's Boutique. It was a dream of ours- we had LOVED our Mother/Daughter trips to boutiques, so we figured we would create a place of our own - after prayers & paperwork we went for it!!

While it's been a great adventure, we're turning a page... kinda sorta!

With gas/food prices going up + folks having very limited 'fun money' + shipping rates suck + booth rent is making us struggle to break even + people aren't shopping small when they can just get something shipped free on Amazon. ... it's just not that peachy.

BUT the blessing of it, is that we feel a very cool peace in this, despite leaving something we love in our past.

And while our online sales, pop-up events (we have 1 more in December) & Arcadia shop are going away, we still get to keep the Guthrie location which means I can meet people & stay involved in the community!! :)

I think sometimes you have to set your dreams aside if you have a peace & not let stubbornness or the fear of looking like you've failed keep you where you're not meant to be. This change is going to take a little load off mom & I'd shoulders and we can focus on enjoying life. Hopefully before long I'll be planning a wedding, and not having shipments or stocking to do (when I'm barely making an income), sounds nice!

I am thankful God has shown us the light in this little page turning switch-up. It's not the end - the boutique is still around & God can still use us through it :)

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