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Top 5 Ways to Start Gettin' Healthy

I know, I know... I am the pillar of health!


But I will say, my husband & I started making some small changes these past few months to get healthier for a few reasons.

One, is we want to start a family - being 30 & 35 and hoping to have at least two babes (not at the same time preferably ;) ) means we need to get that train moving along!

Secondly is I have dealt with Hypothyroid for 13 years. I could go into a whole rant on this, but it wasn't until recently that I realized the medicine I was taking was in fact shooting me in the foot & I now know I have Hashimoto's. So figuring out my thyroid & learning how to handle some of the symptoms that go along with it has been important to me and my husband.

Thirdly, we are young and pooped out. We should definitely have more energy than we do so when we caught on to the reality that our evenings consisted of the news, occasionally a tv show, hot tea then sleeping... we decided we could step it up!

Now, on the 'giving myself grace' of this last point - we have been in the winter months so we can't do as many yard projects, we've had random colds & sicknesses, and so the odds aren't peaches and rainbows in our favor :)

So back to my original point - we want to get healthier & so far, here are my Top 5 favorite steps we've taken that has helped us notice a difference in our everyday mundane ol lives!

1.We cut out Pop & Alcohol

I am a girl who loves beer, wine, the occasional whiskey (but that can knock me on my a** too quick) AND I love love love my Diet Coke with Lime from Sonic. However... Oklahoma has a high tax on alcohol (for instance, we got 3 Guinness Beers with my dad one evening & it came to the dumb grand total of $43!) so while going out is fun, its not healthy AND it costs a lot on the pocketbook!

Once we decided that there is just no real benefit to pop or alcohol and drinking my calories/carbs wasn't going to help me reach my goals, we just called it.

Granted, you may feel some withdraws and want some fizz or flavor & currently, Topo Chico with Fresh Lime is my favorite! And if you want a hint more flavor, add a splash of 100% Tart Cherry Juice!

We went out last night & I was legit looking forward to it! It's a perfect way to get the fizz but not compromise your goals!

2. We quit buying Canned Items

The amount of quick lunches we made using canned chili, refried beans, beef stew etc. was nuts. Chili goes on nachos, Fritos or potatoes, refried beans for the nachos or burritos and Dinty Moore Beef Stew had our hearts. But when you look at the nutrition label & how many servings are in a can, it's nuts.

FUN FACT: Once we stopped buying canned foods, my hubby decided to use a can of refried beans so it didn't go to waste... within 10 minutes of eating it, he had a terrible headache!

WHAT?! After looking into it, we discovered that refried beans are high in tannins.... so you know that headache you may get after Red Wine... it's because of tannins too so the beans gave him a Wino headache essentially!

3. I Joined the Gym

This may seem like a very obvious health tip, but here is why joining a gym became essential for me. For years I have dealt with Depression, so about 4 years ago I got on Lexapro. I know so many people have opinions about anti-depressants but my opinion is if you feel like you need them & you can find something that helps, I would 100% say go for it. If you haven't been depressed it would be easy to say "No, they're addictive, are bad for you etc..." but you know what else is worse for you? Being depressed and harming or hating yourself.

Ok... explanation over - but for possibly pregnancy reasons I wanted to push myself to only be on the absolute essentials prescription wise. So I did the baby steps to get off the pills (and yes that adjustment takes you on a doozy of a ride to get off) but what I have found helps me is going to the gym.

Basically, exercise causes your brain to release 'feel good' chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that help improve your mood.

So, if you deal with depression & do decide to try getting off pills OR if you think you aren't seeing as much improvement with medicine as you hoped, I would definitely say try working out. Get your mind busy on bettering yourself and get those feel good chemicals working!

4. I Do Simple At Home Beauty Routines

One dream I had was to go to cosmetology school.

After hearing its not a 'real job' by some extended family, I went to college so I could get a real degree, but only to not totally use it ;)

BUT to improve my health, I've started a nighttime face regime that I would love to share more about later - I pluck, tint & laminate my brows - I put on self tanner - I do dip powder on my nails - basically I do all the good beauty stuff at home, on a budget and it not only helps my skin, but it helps mental health. How you see yourself & feel can 100% set the tone for your day so just taking care of myself from the inside-out is a must in my routine. Keeping it budget friendly really is just the cherry on top!

5. Drink Electrolytes

For years, I assumed if I had a headache, the next step was take Tylenol & drink coffee or a Coca-Cola. Ya know what those are good at doin though? Adding carbs & calories that don't make me full, just maybe masking my headache.

After some research though, I've made the switch to being aware of consuming electrolytes.

If you are trying to be healthy, don't just assume a supplement like Liquid IV is healthy... one drink for example is 45 calories & 11g of added sugar.

That's not the worst BUT you could instead just have 0 calories, 0 carbs, all your electrolytes, regulate your blood pressure, help your muscles- and then use your macros elsewhere (or save them)

So while being aware of electrolyte water may be obvious for some, it's been a helpful change for me to get some headache relief and energy, while not compromising my goals.

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