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Sweet Summertime!

Summer is here and I'm guessing most girls are ready to say bye to pasty legs and get some color!

If that's you, I have 2 really great options - I don't see them being talked about too much, so I'll go ahead and do the sharing!

Back in college I worked in a Tanning Salon. I loved trying new lotions and laying in a tanning bed or tanning outside was my favorite way to relax and rest!

Having tried SO many lotions during my salon employment years, I have narrowed the lotions down to my 2 favs... 1 is cheaper and 1 is more costly but still not even outrageous at all!

First is the super affordable option - for the whopping price of $10.97, this is a must try! European Gold's Flash Back 4000x Tanning Lotion from Walmart. Yes, one of my favorites is from good ol' Wally World!

The lotion itself is tan, it has a great clean smell and it most importantly, it works!

My pricier option is still under $40. Coming in at $33 on Amazon, Devoted Creations Black Velvet Lotion is so. stinking. good! It's thick, tan and makes you really tan!

In college, I would sometimes use men's tanning lotion because it permeates the skin more, so those stubborn-to-tan parts like your legs, get tan quicker. After trying this though, I'm just 7as happy with it as any mens lotion I've used (which those usually can cost up to $75-$90 in salons).

As always, tan at your own risk. It's really your call and I'm not trying to promote it, but if you do already tan, there are some crumby lotions and there are some awesome, effective ones- I just wanted to share the ones that are worth the money :)

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