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Southern & Cheap

While yes, I am myself Southern & Cheap... I'm actually talking about a Southern & Cheap Breakfast... Cinnamon Butter Toast!

Surely some of ya'll had this treat as a kid, but if not, let me explain!

First, you toast the bread. Then you butter it & throw on some sprinkles of cinnamon and sugar! You can quit there or you can broil it to caramelize the mixture, but I was never fancy like that honestly.

AND help make the comeback of this toast even simpler since we're all adults now & busy, I found this gem... CINNADUST!

(Woot Woot!!)

It's in the sprinkles section of Cash Saver & $2 :)

(peek the Moon Pies in the cart - they're like $2 & taste bomb if you throw them in the freezer)

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