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Side Gig!

Let's be real, money doesn't go far & it sucks.

To the folks who have a $250k+ house & can genuinely afford it, I applaud you.

Then for those who are renting or bought a small house, I applaud you too because you're probably doing the best you can!

But... if you're like me & think some extra money to finally pay off a bill or so that

you can have some spending money, check this out!

A friend of mine introduced me to it & it's legit!

You create an account, put your info on a profile & then get to searching for jobs near you that can earn anywhere from $20-$40 an hour + they're usually just a few hours on a random weekend day!

Say you apply that you're interested, you'll get alerted if they pick you & then they'll email or call you with all of the instructions you'll need!!

You don't have to know everything about alcohol, makeup, the product etc- they'll teach you & in some cases, they'll pay you to be trained which may take 30 minutes online!

One thing I've learned is having black pants & a black top is usually

required for samplings, so if you splurge & get those, just know

you'll be able to use them for more than 1 job at least :)

I feel like this is a hidden gem that I've personally been using to make some extra money for bills & I've really enjoyed it!

If you're free then take the job & if you're not or you just don't feel like it, you can turn it down. Gotta love having some freedom & flexibility (and extra $$$)!

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