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Wedding Dress Shopping!

I found my Wedding Dress!

To be honest, that was my most dreaded detail. I just knew my booty would look like it had a tent hanging over & then I would see all these skinny women in dresses and I just wouldn't look like them.

Nobody wants to voluntarily schedule an appointment where they think they'll be insecure at.

BUT thanks to some voodoo magic of the dresses, that wasn't the case!

I ended up with not one... but TWO dresses that I fell in love with to the point I started sweating & just stood there basically trying to persuade my Mom & friend to just make the decision for me!

After some discussion we picked THE dress and its gorgeous!

I seriously can't wait to wear it, surprise my fiancé & get married! :)

That said, there are some tips that may be helpful to any other bride who may have some dress-shopping-nerves!

1) Take Just A Couple of People

- That day is already a little stressful. You're making a huge, once-in-a-lifetime decision on something you've probably dreamed of + you're about to spend alot of money.

I took my Mom & my bestie so the opinions were genuine, encouraging and kept to a minimum. Plus with just them, I felt comfortable enough to voice concerns/insecutiries and make the appointment more productive. And I knew if I started getting anxiety, those two would 100% have my back and let me try again another day :)

2) Wear Sticky Boobs

- Depending on what dresses you try on, a bra may not help much, so bring something that gives a hint of support, but also doesn't make the dress look frumpy.

3) Wear Comfy Shapewear

- After looking through so many bride blogs, I tried HoneyLove and Spanx. I thought since HoneyLove had a bridal section they would be ideal, but they were so uncomfortable. I tried different sizes but just wasn't sold. I tried on some Spanx briefs and those were super comfortable + effective.

4) Try On Everything

- I came in with a collage of my wedding style + my dream wedding dress styles and guess what... one of the top 2 dresses I had was SO OPPOSITE! Yet it was gorgeous!!!

So try on everything and have fun. Even if you get something half way on and it's a quick 'Nope', at least you tried!

5) Get Bomb Alterations

- With my dress it's 98% perfect... so thanks to the magic of alterations I can totally get it to be 110% perfect ;)

They can add booby padding, make a neckline that flatters your chest, a slit, add built in shapewear, make the train lay different etc...

So find your dress and then get creative knowing that any flaws can totally be fixed!

6) Be Yourself During The Appointment

- When we were shopping I was totally myself. Whether that be my excitment of pockets & bling, being silly, feeling fancy, getting anxious etc...

Me being myself helped us pick the right dress because one of my top 2, I felt classy and my personality changed. Then the the 1 I picked, I was giddy, had a huge smile & was basically like "Woah dang! It's happening and I'm so freakin' excited!".

So be yourself and pick the one that you feel genuinely yourself in!

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