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Personalize Your Background

If you're like me & constantly working on your laptop, why not make it more fun?

I learned a few simple steps to come up with my current design as seen here & I've also done other fun ones like cow folders on a pasture background. ;)

STEP 1: Pick a Background! There are SO many on Pinterest, Google or use a photo of your own like I did above!

Go ahead & change that by right clicking & selecting Change Background.

STEP 2: Go to Google & search whatever type of image you would like (whether that be cows, butterflies, flowers, etc.) and be sure to type PNG at the end.

You want a PNG file so it doesn't have a background :)

STEP 3: Once you have found your image, click on it & then right click and select Copy Image.

STEP 4: Right click on the Folder you want to edit & Select "Get Info"

STEP 5: At the top, you will click on the Tiny Blue Folder & it will show it highlighted.

STEP 6: Then you go straight to pasting the image, so select "Command V" if you're on a Mac.

Depending on the image you selected, may or may not have the background of squares which is just showing it's a PNG file. But what you can do is go to a site like PNG Tree or something & download your photo first, then follow the same instructions of copy & pasting it :)

And BadaBing, just like that you have a laptop that isn't too boring & work-y... it's cute & custom to you!

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