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Peace In Your Engagement

As you may know from my previous blog post, I'm engaged & getting married super soon! A common question I've been asked is if I'm stressed and feeling good about everything.

I'm really pretty good and I think it's for a few reasons:

  • I keep in mind the purpose of the wedding.

Don't get me wrong, I have always been that girl who has dreamed about her wedding!!! I swore it would have a queso fountain & beer donkeys but when the queso fountain was sold and donkeys were expensive I had to re-dream up some plans :)

BUT one reason I am at total peace is because I'm marrying someone who I know will always take care of me, make me feel loved and my future kids will have the best dad... he checks off all of those things!

I know that day is about him & I and with the guest list we have, if I forget some detail, they really won't care. My friends & family have prayed for God to bring someone into my life and our prayers were answered with Kyle, so now we're just ready to celebrate!

  • I have prioritized what's important in the wedding.

At first, having an evening wedding when the sun was going down sounded perfect... but you know what I decided was more perfect? Having my Pastor officiate my wedding. Being that he can only be there til 3, we're having a 1pm wedding and that's totally ok!

Don't get too focused on setting up the stage to have instagram worthy photos that you set aside what factors are really meaningful to you and your fiancé. Like for us, having our Pastor!

  • Don't focus just on the day... keep dreaming and looking forward to things that come AFTER the day.

I have heard that the day after the wedding can be a doozy because you spent SO much time and money & now, it's just done and you wait for pics. To help alleviate that scenario from happening, Kyle & I continue to talk about things after the wedding. Like when do we want to have kiddos, what trips do we want to take and when (some are goof to take before a baby and some are fine with one), what fun purchase do we want to splurge on that we may not splurge on later (like a boat or stock tank pool), where exactly do we want to live etc....

We're SO excited for the day & I will tear up thinking about it, but I have some fun dreams that I know are coming AFTER the wedding day :)

  • We got Pre-Marital Counseling

This is my last tip from my experience & honestly my top one if I had to choose. Go talk to a counselor together. We went to a Pastor & let me tell you, the peace I had just hearing that we are doing good, took a weight off my chest. Don't get me wrong, I am totally in love with my fiancé, but there is the fact that committing your LIFE to them has some weight - so just knowing that you have hashed out all the things on your mind, communicated your needs/wants, established your roles/expectations in the relationship & been questioned on topics to make sure you are on the same page together ... THEN you're told that you are doing good... it gives you peace.

And it was such a great experience for Kyle & I. It allowed us to grow closer and again, put the focus on us marrying each other, and not be so consumed in the fact we're going to have a party (aka wedding haha).

All this said, I'm a human, I have never been married and this is all new to me, but for those newly engaged or whatever, keeping a few of these topics in mind may help alleviate some stress. Planning a wedding is definitely expensive and a doozy, but it can be such a fun, special time! So enjoy it, stay grounded,congrats and get that counseling so you don't loose your marbles lol

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