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Mosquito Traps

Mosquitos Suck... literally!!

And Here in Oklahoma, the mosquites are a nuisance... x10.

After searching for the right ways to ward them off while still getting to enjoy our yard, my husband & I came up with 2 routes that have seemed to work fairly well + they're affordable!


The pretty option... get flowers that ward them away!

  • Lavender

  • Basil

    • We use our Basil plants all the time for cooking too so this is a win win option for our home!

  • Citronella Plants -

    • They smell like bug repellent but they work!! And for years we've only bought the leafy style plants in hanging baskets, but this year I came across some Citronella Grass at our local greenhouse - so there are options depending on where you want to place it!

  • Peppermint

    • Did you know Peppermint also gets rid of mice? So placing this around the edges of your home may make this plant a great multitasker for you!

  • Marigolds

    • This is my favorite option! I love cheery, bright florals so throwing in some Yellow & Orange Marigolds was an option I was all for!

Here's my little Garden Below... Yes I need to grab some potting soil but can we just look at the positive and acknowledge how cute this little rolling cart combo is?!

Also, since it's all in a cart I most definitley roll this around to wherever I'm sittin' or swimmin' at ;)


Mosquito Dunk Buckets!

This option can be done under $5 per Bucket & last you all summer!!


  1. Drill Holes in the sides of the bucket where the X's are in the image below. This will prevent rain water from overflowing your bucket and getting the Mosquito Dunk chemicals anywhere.

  2. Break apart one mosquito dunk & place it in the bucket.

  3. Fill the bucket just under 2/3 fill with water.

  4. Cut your metal mesh wire in a big enough piece to go over the opening of the bucket + a little extra so you can fold down the edges and screw them on top.

  5. Place the finish buckets near your porch or pool.

The purpose of the mesh on top will prevent birds, squirrels or pets from getting into the water. With this setup, you only are giving enough room for the mosquitos to get to the water, and then consume it.

Click on these 3 items in the list above for links to SUPER affordable options!

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