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Low Carb Lunch

These are SO easy and tasty + super low carb!

  1. Heat a skillet on medium with some butter.

  2. Grab the low carb mission tortillas & spread cream cheese on.

  3. Add about 4 pepperoni pieces & roll.

  4. Cut the roll in half & place the rolls on the skillet until each side is browned.


Definitely meant it when I said they are so easy & they taste like a Heavenly bagel. Then when you want a quick low carb dessert, instead of pepperoni, add cinnamon & boom... you have a sopapilla style snack!

An alternative route you can take is set your air fryer to 375 & cook for 5 minutes. With this route, you can add string cheese instead if you'd like, plus add some olive oil to keep them crunchy and not too dry!

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