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Letter to Me

Starting school can be an exciting time... or if you're like me and get anxious, it can be really tough. Around this time, you see so many posts with the kiddos smiling, moms ready to have the house to themselves for a few hours, and all the joys of a new school year beginning!

But let's acknowledge the flip side... kids are going to learn tougher subjects, have experiences with bullies and there's just a tough part about the unknown of what a school year will bring!

All that said, if I could have told my kid-self a few things, here is what I would say:

Dear Keilee,

I know you're anxious right now & I totally get it!

You probably assume the answer is to just be home schooled and avoid this.

But listen, you're beautiful. You have a kind heart. You're smart. You CAN and WILL get through everything that comes your way.

The crumby stuff happens to more people than you know - you're not singled out. So for that reason, be sure to always be nice to everyone. Use those sucky moments as a learning lesson of how NOT to treat others.

The cool part is when you grow up, you'll always know how to make others feel loved and included and people respect that!!

As far as school stuff... just do your best!

Don't stress out & get overwhelmed. You really won't use a lot of the information you're learning so there's no need to wear yourself out & feel the need to prove yourself.

Just talk to the teachers if you need help & get a tutor- you'll end up having tutors in college and realize how helpful they were!!

Also, now that I'm an adult with teacher friends, I can confirm they aren't as intimidating as you think! :)

With sports- if you don't make the team or other's are favored over you, it's really not that big of a deal. When you're older it won't matter how many games you did or didn't play. Just have fun & then when you get older you can surprise people with your skills at church volleyball ;)

Lastly, don't stress out about looks. I look back at pictures now and honestly I think you're a pretty dang cute kid! STOP being hard on yourself. Those sequins purses, cloud squishy flips flops, bandana headbands... all those things you're pressuring mom and dad to get... they'll end up at thrift shops so don't worry about getting things to fit in.

Just be a kid, do your best and don't be hard on yourself.

You'll get through everything and I promise you'll love the person you grow up to be!

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