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Laugh A Little!

Updated: Feb 6

Some people just aren't into boring stuff like laughter, joy & smiling... ew.

But, if you're on my blog I have a feeling you like to laugh a little- so I wanted to share a few of my current favorite comedians. They have little to no cussing, aren't vulgar and they're freakin hilarious!

And they aren't some sort of 'I just discovered these guys', they are just ones that I love & if you find a new fav from my list then heck yeah!

If I missed a great comedian, comment below & let me know who I need to check out :)

My gosh... this guy is has the most casual approach but is so dang funny. Him analyzing song lyrics + calling out that we are indeed having a good time because it's too risky to ask the audience... while it may seem like a big comment, I think he is my current favorite!

He has been on Netflix three times - once with the Standups Sets & twice with his own specials. He's got a straight face delivery while being hilarious at the same time. His jokes are full of relatable things like if you saw a dead horse, it'd be awfully hard to get rid of it... and you may even have to use another horse to haul it off which is awkward. He's so funny & someone the whole family can watch!!

This guy is like your suburban dad who says what everyones thinking & talks about the woes of getting old like having to use a Fitbit & letting his wife be his 'friend' so she can keep him accountable and to make sure he doesn't die before her. Alongside Jeff's comedy, he's got a really cool testimony that I'll link below.

Steve is so funny - he mainly focus' on how to 'Speak Wife'. If you watch this with your spouse, be prepared ladies to feel called out on the crap we say or do... but in a lighthearted way of course!

CURVEBALL.... Kathleen Madigan.

I don't have her listed as a numbered comedian because she is hilarious but has a hint more than a few F Bombs.... so this isn't kid-friendly, but if you're having an evening kid-free then check her out :)

She is very hilarious!! She talks about visiting her parents in a 65+ community and while she's only in her 50's, she is not 'old enough' to stay the night with them. Then how a cruise is basically a big casino... with alcohol... on the water... just something that doesn't maybe seem like the best idea ;)

Like I said, she's got some choice words but she's definitely a comedian worth listening to!

Click on the name of the comedian to checkout their website, look at the tour dates & hopefully see these comedians on tour!

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