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Lashes for Newbies!

I used to be amazed at women who wore False Lashes daily.

When you're new to them, putting them on daily sounds exhausting & like a great way to start your day flustered.

However... I have become one of those women. And I now can share some tips & lashes that the old me would have loved to have known starting out.

Side Note: Wearing false lashes is for YOU! I promise no guy bases his attraction on the hairs that line your eyeballs ;)


Ardell My Lash But Better - No Filters

  • These are the for daily use! They have some length, but a tasteful amount that just looks flirty. And what I love about the 'My Lash But Better' line by Ardell is that they have a clear, flexible strip, so they lay well along whatever eye shape you have + the clear strip give you some grace if you don't apply them perfectly.

Ardell My Lashes But Bolder - Big Personality

  • These were my Wedding lashes! So as the name suggests, they are Bolder.... but not to where they'll touch your eyebrows or anything too crazy. They give you a thicker lash that looks so beautiful & full in photos - so if you're having a date night or getting hitched, totally check these out!

DUO Lash Glue - The Blue Bottle

  • I don't know 100% what the differences are between all the colors but what I do know for myself personally, is the blue bottle works and the green doesn't last well at all.

Kiss Lash Glue

  • I used DUO religiously but one day when Walgreens was sold out, I tried this Kiss Lash Glue and was super happy with the lasting results. So I honestly pick between what's on sale at the time when refreshing my lash glue stash ;)


  • Don't try the TikTok thing of gluing lash clusters under your lash line... RIP to my lashes that it pulled out when I tried that...

  • Re-Use Your Lashes!

  • If you're new to lashes, skip the black glue. Sometimes glue that dries black can seem appealing because it gives the illusion of a thicker lash line, but if it clumps, it's not forgiving.

  • Once you apply the glue to the lash strip, wait about 30 seconds before applying. This allows the glue to get tacky & attach more securely- you'll still have a second to make quick adjustments if you don't place them just right.

  • Do not buy the most simple lashes. If you want them to show up, get some that do look at least a hint flashy, or else they'll blend in maybe more than you want.

  • Personal preference... I wouldn't start by using lash clusters first. With those, you have to place them in order of length + make each eye match so if you're truly a newbie I would wait.

  • Trim the length if needed. Before you apply your lashes, you can set them on top of your lash line (with no glue on yet) to see if they are too long or not. If they are, don't be afraid to trim them a hint.

With all this, do whatever floats your boat babe! Makeup is all about having fun & feeling confident so if you tweak some of the rules & feel sexy... then heck yeah!! :)

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