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Hotter Than Hell (kinda kidding...)

Tomorrow the high in Guthrie, Oklahoma is higher than freakin' DEATH VALLEY!

BUT while it's miserable & excuse me, but hotter than Satan's ass crack, let me share something that has helped this pro sweater's makeup stay!

Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray.

Is it costly? Yes, it's $33 a bottle & while you may think 'aint nobody got time for that' it lasts a good while and does the job!

But wait... there's more!

When using this gem that you may have been hesitant to buy in years past, here's a tip to help even more:

When you put your primer on + liquid foundation, spray the setting spray on & let it completely dry. Then add your powder, get all fancy & then spray your face again!

I promise adding 2 layers is necessary in this heat & it 'high maintenance' but it'll hold your makeup!

I'll throw in a link to it at Ulta, but I also recommend checking HSN & QVC as they sometime have 2-pack deals :)

*** If you're struggling to get the $35 FREE Shipping deal, throw in an E.L.F Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow in the color Flirty Birdy (just because it's fun & super pretty)

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