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Do It Anyway

If you start a Small Business, you'll find out really quick who your cheerleaders are.

Whether it's someone making a purchase, liking your post, telling a friend, sharing your post.... it doesn't cost money to show support but some folks you think are close to you just will skip your work by and wish ya luck (maybe).

My advice though, now that I've owned a boutique for 3 years & am adding on another business would be to follow your heart & do it anyway.

Even if you don't have much support, your passion is enough.

And if whoever reading this is a Christian, whatever God puts in your heart AND you have a peace about it, go for it! My favorite saying from a sermon I love is 'It's Only Crazy Until It Happens".

Maybe you're thinking of starting a business, playing a sport, starting a workout class, selling stuff, volunteering... whatever it is, it doesn't have to have the validation of people, even if they're people you love. So start now, put that effort in and see how much God can use you and evolve your idea into something amazing.

Who knows, maybe a year from now you may accomplish something you never thought you could.

Your dream will grow, it'll change and it'll reach more people if you just start and do it anyway.

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