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Dave Ramsey Is Our New BFF

My fiancé & I are getting married in October & with knowing the #1 issue in marriages is finances, we are getting things under control ASAP.

To do so, we started watching "How To Get Rich" on Netflix where Ramit Sethi meets couples, analyzes their current situation + the life they want and gives advice from there. He does it in a kind, doable way so it's a cool watch.

Also, we are following Dave Ramsey. You can pull up his channel on Youtube and find any info you need whether it be how to set up your business, invest, pay taxes, make money with side jobs etc. Dave is blunt, but he's like your dad who you know wants the best for you.

Being that Dave Ramsey is so well known, I won't harp on how great he is BUT I will share a resource that is pretty sweet!!

Transformation Church in Tulsa, OK currently has a link where you can sign up for Ramsey+ for FREE! That's a savings of $80!

Click the Link below to sign up, download the app & enjoy!

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