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Curly Hair Dream Team!

I love my hair but it has a tendency to be a pain at holding curl! Plus, my hair can get greasy quick so those two factors don't line up with my Dolly Parton/Shania Twain hair goals....

BUT after trying Hot Tools, the T3 Curling Iron (that did jack crap for me), Babybliss etc... I found my favorite curling iron ever!!

The Bio Ionic 1/2" Long Barrel Curling Iron

Holy freakin crap I can't sing of it's praises too much! It is a little expensive but if you wait til the holidays or a sale, you can probably make the (well worth it) investment! And let me remind ya'll I make nothing from this page, so me sharing something and just raving about it means I genuinely LOVE it!

If you start your curls at the top & go down, you can probably keep those curls for about 5 days! Bushing them and all!

Which brings me to my next fav find that makes my beauty dream team combo:

The Living Proof Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray

Like I said before, I'm picky and have some serious 'higher the hair closer to Jesus' volume goals, and this stuff just gives the perfect amount of texture that isn't gritty + it makes my hair last for days!

When you're hair is long, it's miserable drying it all the time + it takes out the color each wash, but using this spray has helped me go longer between washes & keeps my hair looking textured & on point!

I wish before splurging on other irons & sprays I would've seen a combo that legit works and isn't sponsored or something so hopefully this little dream team can save you money in the long run & gives you results you'll love!!! :)

(Pic is Day 4 Hair with spray & little curling touch ups!)

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