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Creating a Simple Life

Have you ever got home from work, saw your Christmas tree on the ground, couch covered in laundry & throw pillows, then tried to start supper but couldn't find this one little 2in. piece of your food processor so you started to just feel defeated & made can soup?

Ok maybe that was too specific... let's simplify. Literally.

Do you get home & just feel overwhelmed?

Maybe simplifying is your best next step.

My husband & I both work full time and when we get home, we are drained. The last thing we need is stuff to pick up or look at.

We just got married... which means we combined my 30 yrs of stuff + his 35 yrs of stuff into a cute 1,1000 sq ft farmhouse.... got wedding gifts.... had furniture passed down from family... I shopped to decorate my 1st home .... bought holiday decor so we didn't look like the little Grinch Couple, so we got a tree, lights, wreath, table runners, candles etc.... got a sectional couch so I bought throw pillows to fill it....

Things got out of hand, fast.

I realized that for me, shopping was just buying things I thought would make me happy & feel like I had a cute/welcoming home. But I was overwhelmed.

When you don't have anymore cabinet space & you hear crap clanking around when you look for something... it's too much.

All that said, we are simplifying.

So if you want to join in, here are some things we are cutting down on:

  • Throw Pillows

  • Containers (Especially the cottage cheese & cool whip containers we think we need ;) )

  • Koozies

  • Dishes (We have SO many plastic $1 dishes that we bought when we moved into the house but once we got married, we were given a new set)

  • Old Bedding/Pillows

  • CLOTHES (people wear only 20% of the clothes they own....)

  • Gadgets (We're selling our Xbox, gave away our 2nd blender etc)

  • Wall Art

  • Crap in the Pantry & Fridge

  • Little Knick Knacks.... I don't know if that's the right spelling, but you know the stuff you have just to decorate your fireplace mantle or counters? That stuff.

  • Candles

  • Furniture!! (Dining chairs you have in the corner in case company comes, side tables that you don't use, you just have a lamp on that maybe doesn't even have a working light bulb in it etc.

This is just a list of things to consider. And hey, if you do love something, keep it. And if you're on the fence, maybe hide a box away for even a week then see if you miss it. If not, donate it.

Our society tells us to BUY but it leaves us overwhelmed, defeated & in debt more often than not.

But chin up buttercup, when everything seems out of our hands, this IS one thing we can change to lessen the load :)

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