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Cleaning Cute!

I found a gem folks- The Pink Stuff!

You've probably seen this stuff on TikTok or some Instagram Reel. Honestly I didn't have previous knowledge of it until I walked in our local Ace Hardware & saw an endcap that was pink... you NEVER see cute pink stuff in Ace, so clearly the marketing worked!

Anyways, we have this little 1930's farmhouse that was previously rented & then left vacant for 2 years. I guess the renters had just left silverware and crud on the counter tops & oven, because there were rust stains all over & we figured they were most likely going to need replaced.

I say this not as a cut to Dawn, but our Dawn Powerwash that cleans EVERYTHING, wasn't even a match for the rust. So I got the Pink Stuff & scrubbed. I did learn you have to leave it setting for about 5-10 minutes for best results, but holy heck, after that time, those counters were spotless! That $6 cute container saved us SO much money!!!

So far, I've used it to scrub our grimy tub, polish up the faucets & clean the oven top! Each spot it has done it's job! I would totally grab you some at Walmart or Ace & just keep it on hand for stubborn stains- it lasts, it's affordable & it's so dang effective!

If you click the photo below I added a link to Amazon where you can get it for $5.95 + Free Shipping on Prime!

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