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Be Social...In Real Life

Updated: May 10, 2023

Social Media is a sucky sucky thing sometimes.

If you look at just how much time you spend on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok etc. I'm 99.99% positive that you'd be shocked & have no positive emotion about seeing that number.

That said, my fiancé and I have hopped off Social Media and decided that if we were that bored to scroll & be 'in the know' of everyone else's business... we could just chat with each other, rest or go do something productive.

More than that, how many of you have those 1 or 2 family members who HAVE to take pictures of everything like you eating, laughing or even mid sentence, then they call it "making memories", post it, and make you feel like a goober... when you were just trying to be present, not be in a photoshoot.

Funny thing, is those people usually are the ones who don't want to be in the pictures, are attainment they have to give approval first, or want several takes to pose... when you don't get the respect to pose or approve.

You have those folks?

I can go to a get-together, THINK I look decent, relax and have a genuinely good time... until I look on social media & realize I'm tagged in a photo showing how my shirt was clinging somewhere, my makeup wasn't blended right, my smile looks stupid, my hair was oddly frizzy etc... and then I get to analyzing.

And when you're younger and trying to look nice, I think it can become a big mental health violation and genuinely be harmful when someone asks the 'self titled designated photographer' to stop and they don't. People have insecurities whether you do or not, and now with social media, if you look "bad", SO many people can be shown that without your permission.

If we didn't have social media, we wouldn't have to deal with those insecurities of how we look or the comparison of what we're missing out on in our lives.

Honestly that's why I'm off.

If someone takes a picture, fine. I'm not there to see it and I can just BE PRESENT and BE MYSELF :)

If ya'll have similar insecurities, maybe social media isn't the best option for your mental health. Maybe you'll feel a weight off your shoulders if you delete it for a month just as a trial run.

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