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Baby Steps

When it comes to makeup, I can't tell you how many times I've heard

"Man I wish I could do my makeup like that" or

"I just need someone to come tell me how to apply my makeup"

You may have the right tools & products but still feel like you're a newby when it comes to application... and no worries, that is totally alright!

I am no professional but I do love makeup & I also love when it clicks in people's minds how dagum pretty they look :)

Here is my everyday makeup look!

My husband & I work at a family business so I just get ready at work every morning in my office - this usually takes me about 10 minutes to look alive :)

Also, let's ignore my janky hair ;)

So let's start with some tips:

  1. Do not mix powder & cream formulas - You apply the cream formulas as a base, add a setting powder, then use the rest of your powder products.

  2. Expensive Doesn't Mean Better - Did you know that if you buy L'Oreal, it may be the same formula as Lancôme? Then that $6 Garner Cleansing Water product you buy is made by the same company as the $100+ Clarisonic Cleansing Products? That just shows you that the price doesn't mean 'better' :) Some products, I do tend to love the more expensive ones & if I splurge, I just don't use them daily so that they last a little while.

  3. Get into the world of Makeup Brushes & Sponges - With that comment, don't feel the need to buy IT Cosmetics brushes or Beauty Blender Sponges. There are SO many $20 & Under options on the market that I will link, that I honestly feel like they do the job just as well! (some people do love using their hands to apply product which is totally fine, but personally I feel like I screw up more going that route)


Alrighty, let's get to the Baby Steps!


Apply a Primer with your hands or a brush

  • CLICK HERE for the one I use - I have dry skin & it works well for me!

  • If you have Oily Skin, CLICK HERE for a great primer you may like!


Apply your Foundation with a brush or sponge - be sure to blend down to your neck and pat on your ears. Honestly I go over my lips too just to give my lipstick a neutral base :)

If you use a sponge, be sure to dampen it - get it fully soaked & then squish out the excess water. It makes it more spongey and pushes your makeup into your skin, giving it more staying power!

  • CLICK HERE for a budget friendly foundation I like for dry skin. I will say, the dewy one just didn't work for me, so I would start with the Matte one first

  • CLICK HERE for a subtle coverage, tinted moisturizer that gives you a subtle glow


Apply your Concealer.

I like to get a shade or two lighter than my skin tone to brighten my under eyes. You can also dab a small hint of concealer in between your eyes, along the top of your nose & on your chin. Basically you are applying the lighter shade where light would naturally hit your face.

  • CLICK HERE for the concealer I use - it definitely competes with Tarte's Shape Tape Concealer which I always loved but hit the pocket book a little too hard for me :)


Apply your Contour (if you want)

This is a step that could be skipped if you aren't too worried about contouring. If you decide to go for it, I dab a bit of the contour shade along the sides of my forehead, along the edges of my nose and angled from the top of my ear to about straight below my eye.

If that sounds weird, here's a pic for reference of where you can apply this ;)

  • CLICK HERE for the drugstore contour product I use

  • CLICK HERE for the more 'high end' contour product I love


Apply your Setting Powder

Now you can do this with a fluffy brush OR a damp sponge - if you use the sponge, my advice would be to pat it into the setting powder, then tap it on your hand to get the excess off THEN pat it into your face. Don't swipe your sponge, just pat it in :)

  • CLICK HERE for my favorite Drugstore Setting Powder

    • This does smell perfume-y & probably everyones mom used this back in the 80's but it works so well so don't count it out because it looks/smells like an old lady powder ;)

  • CLICK HERE for my favorite High End Setting Powder


Apply your Bronzer & your Blush

With the bronzer, you are basically applying it sparingly where you put the contour. Contour is meant to give depth + shape & is usually a cooler shade, while the bronzer is meant to give some warmth and be on the parts of your face where the sun would hit you.

The blush pretty much goes from your hairline on the side of your face to the apples of your cheeks. I am very conservative on blush because I do love more bronze-y natural looks.

  • CLICK HERE for my favorite drugstore bronzer

  • CLICK HERE for the one I use daily to give me a bronze glow

  • CLICK HERE for the blush AND bronzer that I use daily to contour with lightly & add a hint of color to my cheeks


Apply your Eyeshadow. I'm assuming you have eyeshadow but if you don't and want something simple that I always go-to, I would splurge a hint with this palette I link below.

  • CLICK HERE for a great neutral pallete

  • If you want to play around with colors, Anastasia Beverly Hills & Colourpop (more affordable) are both great brands when it comes to shadows!!

Here are some simple looks you can use as placement reference! 1, 2 & 3 are just referring to the lightest shade (1), the shimmer or medium shade (2) & the dark shade (3).


Fill in your Brows

This step can totally change your face! I LOVE brows!!!

My dream is to have mine micro bladed (aka tattooed) but until then here are some great products and how to fill in your brows.

One piece of advice for a beginner or someone who is a little intimidated

with doing their brows, is go get your brows waxed or plucked. Also, brow

lamination & tinting can be amazing!

Once you get them shaped, it is so much easier to just follow the

shape and fill in the sparse spots lightly.

Heck, if they are shaped well, you may get to just skip this step all together :)


Set your makeup! Yes, there are 2 more steps, but this is a great time to spray your setting spray on to make sure your makeup stays - and spraying it now will reduce the risk of your mascara getting wet & smearing :)

Just lightly mist some spray across your face & wait just a minute to let it dry.

  • CLICK HERE for my FAVORITE Spray!! I cry when I laugh & this magic spray keeps my makeup on!

  • CLICK HERE for a great everyday, drugstore spray


Add your Mascara & Eyeliner.

When doing eyeliner, the shape is purely a personal style choice- for a beginner, I love using a small, dense, angled brush & applying a dark brown or black eyeshadow closely along the lash line. It's an easy way to give a natural, smokey eye look. You also can use liquid liner pens & I have one I will link below that is amazing & doesn't budge.

When it comes to mascara, be sure to go for about 3 layers on the top, making sure each layer is dry before the next one. Start at the lash line and wiggle it up to the top to get the most product distributed, while also keeping the lashes fanned out and beautiful!


Add some color to those Lips!

I always would recommend using a liner and drugstore brands carry some great ones!! When it comes to lipsticks or color, there are SO many options - I have some color combos listed in my blog about Wedding Lip Colors, but I will also link some of my favs here below. Something fun with lip liners is you can totally line and fill in your lips with the color you like & top it with some chapstick for a SUPER easy step that looks really pretty as well!

  • CLICK HERE for some of my favorite drugstore liners - Shades Never, Espresso & Natural are probably what I would lean towards for some everyday lip combos

  • CLICK HERE for my favorite High End Lip Liners - I line my lips and then blend the color down with the brush on the other end so it creates a volumized lip look. Shades Hush Hush & High Def Honey are my favs!

  • CLICK HERE for my favorite chapstick that could be added over a full colored in liner look! I love this brand's lip balms - and right now I'm loving the peppermint one that I linked!

  • CLICK HERE for the lip product I used in the photo above - I did line my lips first before using this product. This was in the shade Cash Flow

TA DA!! YOU'RE HOT! (like we didn't already know that...psh)

I know that's a lot of typing & reading maybe but the main thing I want you to get out of this is that you can have affordable products, create an amazing look & it's not 'above your head'... it only takes 10 steps & once you get it down, you could do all this in 15 minutes max :)

Comment below if you have any questions and I would love

to share what I know!

Also, let me know if you have any products you love that I should try!!

Makeup and Hair stuff is my jam so I am always up for trying new products :)

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