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Baby It's Cold Inside...

Back in May, my boyfriend & I bought a super cute little fixer upper! It was our first home, we were SO excited & proud of it and we naively thought 15k would go a long way... lol

PAUSE: If you buy an old home from the 1930's... 15k does just about nothing so ask for (lots) more on

that loan! 15k covered basic repairs, a faucet, some fencing, a toilet & moving the water heater

to the basement. THEN we had 14k out of pocket to replace all of the siding so

we could keep our insurance - money for repairs goes fast!

Anyways, we found out recently our AC & Heater didn't work & were set up wrong years ago! So the bill we're looking at is 6-8K...

That said, we can't muster it up yet so here are some ways to stay warm when the heater goes out! Now, I'm not a safety inspector or genius, I'm a full time worker who's cold and on a budget :)

1) Curtain off the rooms you don't use!

- We used blackout curtains for their thickness & it's made such a big difference! We now go in our wood paneled room & can see our breath, but once we're back on the other side, we're good!

2) Turn on the oven & open the door!

- Not sure the safety rules on this but we had a day it got to 46 degrees in the house & it warmed the kitchen up SO fast! Once it was tolderable we turned it off and depended on the space heater- but it was a great quick solution!

3) Close your blinds & curtains!

- The window is definitley going to be cold, so closing that off and not letting that cool air get thru is a big help!

4) Probably obvious, but wear socks!

- When your feet are cold, the rest of you feels inconvenieced and cold too lol

5) Add rugs!

- This was a new tip I learned that has helped! It basically helps absord some of the cold & keeps the room a little easier to warm when a space heater is going!

6) Cuddle!!!

- My favorite. And it's obvious, but here's the deal - not having a heater can suck for sure, but if you're like my boyfriend & I, just take these little inconveniences as 'making memories' & someday you will look back and see it was a willy nillly time that you had to be creative & got through! Being upset or down literally doesnt do anything but make the situation even suckier :)

And if you're having to follow or learn any of these tips, I'm sorry you're cold!

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