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Growing up I did SO many diets.

Weight Watchers, Atkins, the 3-Day Tuna, Toast & Grapefruit Diet, HCG, The Daniel Plan, Fasting, Keto... so many lol

Almost being 30, I want to finally get sh*t figured out. Soooo after lots of looking around I came across Community With Caroline. If you watch her Facebook Lives & listen to her podcasts, you quickly catch on that she's a badass, genuinely cares & is super down to earth & transparent. She's basically the perfect inspiration for when you're working on yourself and want to not have someone just being 100% a health coach, but instead feel more like a genuine supportive friend.

On her plan, it totally feels like a lifestyle change - you CAN eat what you want, it's just about being mindful and portion control. The other night I added in Coffee Ice Cream topped with Whipped Cream and was STILL under my macros ;) So really it's all about planning while not feeling too overwhelmed.

Some things that are helping me currently:

1) Actually paying for the plan!

- There is an option to only have your Macros done for you BUT if you can save, I think it's worth the money. 7 Months end up being $894 (6 months @ $149 + 1 Month FREE). You get your macros, weekly check-ins + you can contact her anytime with questions or whatever! And you get a gym plan + meal plan. I think spending the money, even if you're pushing to get it paid, it just helps keep me accountable personality and for that, I legit feel like I have ALL the tools I need to make not just fitness & health changes, but the Mental changes & encouragement.... it's amazing! My mindset is already improving so much which is a longlasting benefit!

2) When I go out to eat, I halve my meal & am usually full! If my boyfriend is still hungry, he just orders himself an extra side!

3) Premier Protein Cereal! The Berry one has helped me so much with my Macros!

- 20g Protein * 14g Carbs

4) Black Eyed Peas & Rice

- Lots of protein!! Plus it's quick & cheap!

5) MyMacros App

- MyFitnessPal is totally great too but right now I'm enjoying this app.

6) Limiting Alcohol

- When I had to admit to Caroline how much alcohol I had a week, that was humbling. It's not like an insane amount but I was having probably 8-10 drinks a week- 2 drinks at a time adds up quick!!

I'll post the links to her page below & if you join, tell her Keilee sent you!

I swear you won't regret it & even if you can't do the payed plan just yet, do her CWC 75 Plan that's FREE + her Sample Meal Plan + Check out her podcasts, Facebook Group & Lives! She genuinely wants to help people and you'll catch onto that really quick!

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