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About My Blog!

First, hello! My name is Keilee.. (like Key-Lee)

For years, I have loved writing but never took the time to slow down and get to it.

But I finally decided to be intentional! 

                                                            I started as a fun side project to give others a taste of my thoughts and experiences- sometimes life gets so dang busy and you just want to focus on fun stuff like recipes, beauty stuff & whatever else, so this is the spot to do that!! 

I'm 29, live in a historic town, have a farmhouse, love to cook, play with makeup, own a boutique with my mom & found the man of my basically there are lots of topics we can cover here!
Take some time to explore the blog and find what sparks your interest. Feel free to reach out if you would like to collaborate on a project together or if you have any topics you'd like to see covered. Read on and enjoy!

Oklahoma SweetTea came from 3 things:

1) I'm an Okie

2) My boyfriend always calls me sweetie!

3) My Grandma, who was the coolest southern woman, LOVED Sweet Tea!

She's say she liked some tea in her sugar ;)

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